Parent council

The Parents’ Council represents the interests of parents towards the institution and the management of the facility. In our institution, it consists of up to four members and up to four substitute members.

The rights and obligations of the parents’ council result from § 3 of the statute for the Catholic day-care centers in the North Rhine-Westphalian part of the Archdiocese of Cologne.

The Parents’ Council consists of at least two elected members. It meets at least three times a year.

The parents’ council represents the interests of the parents of the current kindergarten year vis-à-vis the institution and the management of the facility. In doing so, he/she must also adequately consider the special interests of children with disabilities in the facility and their parents. The parents’ council must be informed in good time and comprehensively by the provider and the management of the facility about significant decisions/changes relating to the facility, and in particular before decisions are made about the pedagogical concept of the facility, the staffing, the spatial and material equipment, the house rules, the opening hours , a change of carrier and the admission criteria. The wearer must take appropriate account of design instructions. Decisions that affect the parents financially generally require the approval of the parents’ council. This includes above all the planning and design of events for children and parents as well as catering in the facility, provided that, for example, these are not just minor price increases within the framework of generally customary inflation rates.

All personnel matters are to be treated confidentially in compliance with the law on church data protection (KDG) and the regulations issued for this in their currently valid version.

The parents’ council can invite representatives of the provider, the pedagogical staff or other experts to its consultations.

The parents’ association can elect a spokesperson from among its members, who also invites to the meetings. He is obliged to issue an invitation if at least one member of the parents’ council requests this, stating the subject of the discussion. If no speaker is elected, each member has the right to invite.

Membership in the parents’ association ends when the child of the legal guardian no longer attends the facility. In this case, or if a member of the Parents’ Council resigns for other reasons before the end of the election period, no longer performs his duties or is prevented from performing his duties, the elected substitute member takes his place.

The election period of the Parents’ Council ends with the election of the new Parents’ Council. However, he will remain active until the newly elected parents’ council meets.

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