The challenges in everyday family life are growing…

… family centers offer low-threshold support!

The tasks of family centers are:

Support children comprehensively and individually and intensify the educational mission;

Identifying language deficits early on and systematically reducing them, especially among children from immigrant families;

Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the children early on and advise parents on questions of upbringing, education, health, etc. in a targeted manner and at a very early stage;

Further develop day-care centers to become places of education and experience for children and their parents and thus strengthen parents in their parenting skills;

Helping parents with everyday conflicts and making this help more directly accessible without inhibitions;

Successfully addressing immigrant families and families from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds;

Improve the compatibility of family and career;

Facilitate the transition from daycare to primary school;

Create more variability in the care times and the age mix by opening up the structure of the offer and thus meet the needs of families more.

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