On March 29, 1899, the Minister for Spiritual Education and Medical Affairs gave permission to set up an infant care school (today a day-care center) in the monastery (“old hospital, today location Kleeblatt, Rathausstrasse 1).

At the beginning of December 1927, the move to a new kindergarten building in Kerpstraße took place, which was now managed by the parish. Sister Monika was the first head of the facility.

On April 7th, 1941, the National Socialists took over, but the leadership remained with the sisters.

The reopening under the direction of the parish was on April 25, 1945. In 1955 the church council decided to build a new building with the commission of the architect Niggemann. 90 places were to be set up, including 30 places for after-school care children. At the same time, a property exchange took place in favor of the present location Mühlenstr. 11 instead. Funding efforts and a variety of plans began.

On August 30, 1959, the new kindergarten in Mühlenstraße was inaugurated.

In 1987 the 60th anniversary of the kindergarten was celebrated.

Extensive refurbishment and the extension from March 2014 gave the facility its current appearance. During the work, the day-care center was outsourced to Pastor Böhm Haus for around 1 1/2 years.

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